Weekly Writing on the Blogs


Each week I’ll ask you to write beyond the class in order to practice the skill of academic writing.  Your practice is graded both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Formal Requirements

You must make at least two posts each week, with the posts performing specific tasks:  (1) An analysis/interpretation of some new/unexplored issue from that week’s theoretical reading (due by 12 noon each Tuesday, at least 100 words & no more than 250); and (2) Initial application or connection between a theoretical reading and a text (due on Thursdays by noon, at least 100 words & no more than 250).  

Each post should contain no more than two paragraphs. Ideally, your post will have a single paragraph with a topic sentence conveying the main idea of the post, followed by supporting sentences that help to support, elaborate, or develop the point you’re making. Evidence, in the form of textual citation, paraphrasing, or references, is encouraged.

In addition, you must write two responses to another student’s post (due by 1159 pm each Wednesday & Sunday, 50 words minimum & no more than 200).  This response must come in the form of a comment that directly responds to the post you’ve chosen and offers something of substance (more than mere agreement or disagreement).

For this assignment, the week begins on Monday at 12:00am and ends on Sunday at 11:59pm; all work must occur within this time frame.   

Content Requirements

The content of your posts and comments must relate to the course, its topics, and its readings.  At least one post per week must directly engage with the text of the week/unit. The posts are opportunities for you to develop the relationship between reading, thinking, and writing.  Excellent posts will have evidence of superior analysis and interpretation; unsuccessful posts will lack such evidence.


Most of the grade for Weekly Writing is based on quantitative requirements (on time, correct format, correct guidelines). A portion of the grade is qualitative assessment (1/3) that is used primarily to ensure you stay on task in your weekly exercises.  While you won’t receive qualitative feedback each week, I’d be happy to give you formal feedback on this work at our mutual convenience; schedule a 30 minute appointment to facilitate this feedback and real-time grade.