Week 1 Jan 22. Introduction to the course: policies, technologies, names, purposes, etc. Weekly Writing Overview. Research Overview. For Thursday Read: How to Read Theory  from Prof. Michelle Murphy in WGS at UToronto.  Discuss

Unit 1: Freire and Butler: Gender, Language, Power

Week 2. Jan 29 Freire’s “Banking Concept of Education” from Pedagogy of the Oppressed.    Research 1 Blog 1abc

Week 3. Feb 5 Butler’s 1990 Preface to “Gender Trouble”  Research 2 Blog 2

Week 4.  Feb 12 1999 Preface to “Gender Trouble” Keepin’ on  Research 3 Blog 3

Week 5  Feb 19 F & B Recap. Wiki Concepts Assignment Opens.

Unit 2: bell hooks: Power, Self, Other

Week 6. Feb 26 hooks’ “Intro to Teaching to Transgress” and emotional response. Assign Midterm Research 4 Blog 4 Assign Midterm Project

Week 7. Mar 5 hooks’ Introduction and “Theory as Liberatory Practice.” Teaching to Transgress Wiki Assignment Closes Research 5 Blogs 5 (conferences available)

Spring Break

Week 8 Mar 19 Hooks “Theory as Liberatory Practice”  Research 6 Blog 6(conferences available) Proposal for Midterm Project Due. Conferences available.

Week 9 Mar 26 Hooks recap. Wiki Concepts assignment opens. Midterm Project Due. Conferences available.

Unit 3: Michel Foucault: Language, Self, Other

Week 10 April 2 Wiki Concepts Continue. Tuesday: Classes canceled for required conferences.  Thursday: Introduce Foucault. Introduction to Technologies of the Self. Assign Final Project Wiki Concepts Assignment closes. Research 7

Week 11 April 9  Self Writing.” Wiki Concepts Close. Research 8 Blog 8

Week 12 April 16 Self Writing.” Wiki Concepts Close. Research 9 Blog 9

Week 13: April 23 Foucault recap and semester cap.  Writing conferences.

Week 14 April 30:  Writing Conferences!  Wiki Concepts Assignment Opens.

Finals May 7-10 Wiki Concepts Close. Final Project Due at Exam Period