Concepts on Wiki



Over the course of two weeks, you’ll use the wiki ( to build a series of interconnected encyclopedia articles that represent concepts, terms, people, and texts important to the texts of bell hook’s “Killing Rage” and/or “Theory as Liberatory Practice”

Need help with Wiki software:  try this user guide.

Formal Requirements

Here are the quantitative requirements for your work in the two weeks open period:  

      • Creating 2 new articles with content from this unit 
    • Making significant contributions to 3 pages
    • Editing without significant contributions to 5 pages

Students who meet these quantitative requirements will receive full credit for the quantitative portion of the assignment (half of total).  

Article Requirements

Every article (page) on the wiki needs to conform to the following rules; articles that don’t meet these guidelines should be identified, corrected, or removed.

      1. Every article has to be linked from another page on our wiki and link to another page on our wiki. Excellent articles will have several links in and out, while satisfactory articles will only have a few.
      1. Every article needs to have sources: references to external verifiable material. Our theory wiki values internal and external sources.  Therefore, each page must use primary material and secondary material as sources. Excellent articles will have at least two primary and 5 secondary sources; satisfactory articles will have at least one primary and two secondary sources.
    1. Every article needs to have sections, including a general section, a references section, and at least one other section. Excellent articles will have at least four sections; satisfactory articles will have at least three sections, in addition to the references section.

Sources on the Wiki

You should use primary sources (texts by the article’s subject) and secondary sources (texts about the article’s material). Quoting, paraphrasing, and referring to are all significant source referencing acts.  Where appropriate, articles should use footnotes. External links should also be used.


For the first assignment, the week begins on Wednesday at 12:00 am Feb 20 and ends on Tuesday 5 March at 11:59pm; all work must occur within this time frame.

For the second assignment, the week begins on Monday at 12:00 am Mar 25th and ends on Sunday 7 April at 11:59pm; all work must occur within this time frame.

Content Requirements

The content of your posts and comments must relate to the course, its topics, and its readings. Your job in the article is to overview a topic, link it to primary and secondary sources, and connect it to other material. Review wikipedia for appropriate tone.  


At the end of the unit, you must write a 1 page max reflection linking to 3 exemplar pages.  

Alternate End of Unit Assignment

As an alternate, I’ll make available on Sunday 4/7 from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm a D2L exam that allows you 2 hrs to identify three concepts from a list.