Self-Writing = Self-Thinking


In Self-Writing Foucault says “what others are to the ascetic in a community, the notebook is to the recluse”. Myself being one of the recluses he has described, I can only 100 percent agree with this statement. I think that writing your thoughts down, or even talking to yourself are ways to keep sane in this crazy time period. It seems like in this essay, Foucault wants to make the claim that self-writing will make you if not a better person, at least a more clear-headed one. He leads to the finding that writing is a test, and it is not a test to see if you have been lying to other people, but a test to if you have been lying to yourself. How do we know what we truly want unless we spend time actively trying to sort our impulses, fears, wants, and comfortabilities?


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  1. I liked what you said about writing as being the means of truth within oneself. As English majors, we all know and understand the weight and importance of our words and writing as well. Staying comfortable within our own ignorance and fears is a way to remain where you are, mentally and emotionally.

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