Self Writing


In this text, Foucault is basically saying that writing is a good way to clear ones headspace and that it is good for you. It is a way to get your ideas into readable words by others, it makes your ideas more real. He writes, “… it offers what one has done or thought to possible gaze…” (1). I agree with the thought that writing can clear your headspace, for example, journaling. One thing that a lot of people say can help them be more mindful and calm is when they write, even just a page, of their thoughts into a journal or diary every night. Foucault says, “…the constraint that the presence of others exerts in the domain of conduct, writing will exert in the domain of the inner impulses of the soul” (1). This is basically stating what I had said before, writing can help clear your mind. The idea that journaling can help clear you head is something that a lot of people believe in and I think Foucault would agree with that as well.

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