The Hermit


I’m a recent dungeons and dragons game I played in, our party had run into a hermit. Ironically, this game took place the same day we had discussed self writing in class. This hermit, just like Saint Anthony, was barricaded in a fort and when we searched the fort after we left we found writings of his “sins”. It was eeerily similar to that of what I learned in class so I asked my game master about it. Apparently, the creators of the players handbook had used saint Anthony’s story as inspiration for the hermit background in the tabletop game. This was a really surprising yet awesome crossover between my educational life and personal life.


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  1. In ENG 295 I did my final research paper on the question if Egypt is accurately represented in video games or not, so I can relate to how you felt. One of the games I analyzed was Tomb Raider, but there is a pretty long list of video games that use Egypt as the main setting. There are a lot more historical and philosophical aspects used in the making of video games than we think! It definitely is interesting as to how something in our personal lives, like a video game, can relate to topics learned in college.

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