The Adventuring Journal


Yet another similarity between Foucault and Dungeons and Dragons, is their similar approach to the notebook/journal. In “Self Writing” Foucault says that writing takes the place of another, and serves as advice exchange. similarly, when undertaking a quest in DnD, there is always a party member (typically someone smart like a wizard) who keeps a journal of everything and everyone that should be remembered. More often than not, the thoughts, insight, and advice written down at the time of the encounter have benefitted us more than any weapon we could build, spell we could cast, or any other ability we could acquire. Dungeons and Dragons is also a game meant to simulate real life, so maybe there is some merit to what I have noticed in the crossover between these two variously different texts.


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  1. While I don’t know much about D&D, I think this is a pretty solid and matched take and comparison to Foucault’s writings about self-reflection and journaling. Journaling, no matter the context, is both crucial and beneficial to oneself, the group, and the larger scheme of things.

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