Annotated Bibliography


As an alternative to your weekly research grade, you can submit a final annotated bibliography. It must consist of 15 sources, with at least 5 of each type (theoretical sources, secondary sources about theoretical sources, secondary interpretive texts that use theory). Your assignment is due at 1159 pm on Sunday May 12.

In order to be full and complete, you must have

  1. An introductory paragraph describing a topic of focus for the bibliography.
  2. A list of 15 sources, arranged alphabetically and numbered
  3. For each source you must have: (a) A full citation using MLA or APA, (b) a descriptive overview of the source and its points/theories/significance, (c) a sentence or two connecting the source to your topic, and (d) a link that locates the source on the web.

Your project will be graded qualitatively on the quality of the description/connection. 35% of the grade comes from the correctness of the citations.